You Must Do it!

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You must feel the passion.

You must forfill your desire of greatness.

You must do the work!

No one and I mean no one can forfill your dream , but you.c47b75a3695312e7897ca3d2c08fe18d

You must do the work!

You must do the research!

You must find the people to help you accomplish your dreams and goals.

You must pay the Price and/or dues and then some.Perseverance_Quotes6

You must learn to delegate responsibilities.

You must learn to trust the people you delegate tasks to.

You must focus on being THE absolute best you can be.bc7e0ddc630f157472b76474fc946e01

Remember, you run the show, which means you should always be “in the know” of your business.

No idea works until YOU do.


Peace, Love and Joy




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Dis ain’t for regular Folks

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Dis ain’t for regular folks…It’s for folks with a heart and folks witha brain.

human brain

Folks witha soul, that will change the rules of the game.

Dis ain’t for regular folks…It’s for folks that charge ahead even when they are not sure.

Folks witha tenacity regardless of what they may endure. facing a challenge

Dis ain’t for regular folks…it’s for folks that believe what their mind conceives.

It’s for folks that pray, and folks that skip fail, because they know the ultimate will prevail.praying hands

Dis ain’t for regular folks…especially the ones who spend a weeks’ pay on consumable absorption.

This is for folks who work part-time for a living and full-time on their fortune.

The enemy thought he’d stop us, drawing a silly line in the sand, what he didn’t expect, is the strength of a superman.superman

Dis ain’t for regular folks…it’s for folks witha dream, folks witha passion.

Folks that go after their dreams as if they were an assassin.assasin

It’s for folks who have setbacks, setups, yet retained their vision.

Folks that keep coming back and move with precision.a comeback

Dis ain’t for regular folks…It’s for folks who lose and have lost it all.

The folks with the smile, still standing tall.

This is for the folks who laugh when crying may be in order, but they can see the calm ocean just beyond the choppy waters.calm waters amist the rage

Dis ain’t for regular folks…This is for the folks who didn’t stop living at forty and died at 75.  This is for the folks who keep on living until they get tired.

Dis ain’t for regular folks,… especially the timid, the ones that are shy, this is for the ones we call entrepreneurs, and you know they don’t cry.

Dis ain’t for the folks that like living just to get by.

This is for the folks who lead Iconic lives.

Dis ain’t for regular folks…it’s for folks that burn the midnight oil and eat the early worm.  It’s for folks that look a challenge in the eye and don’t even squirm. eating the early worm

Dis ain’t  for regular folks…the ones who think a paycheck attached to a boss’ ass is good.

until they approach the end of their life and learn the words..shoulda, coulda, would.

Dis ain’t for regular folks…It’s for the ones that the world rejoiced when you were born

This is for the ones that will make the World cry all over… when you are gone.funeral of a great one

Dis ain’t for regular folks!

Peace, Love and Joy,



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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

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I  produced a Vlog a few months ago on my YOUtube channel(The Iconic Entrepreneur) title..”Nothing fails like success”. Several people contacted me to ask what was the meaning being that title…I mean, they really thought the title meant something other than what was presented in my video.  You see, When an entrepreneur starts out, he/she wants to be different,  to stand out from the crowd. Once success(this could be on varying levels, if you will) is attained, some entrepreneurs tend to forget how and why they attained this success, hence..”Nothing Fails like Success”. I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

Today’s society of millennials(Gen X, born early 80’s- mid 90’s) and Centennials(Gen Y, born mid to late 90’s onward) are desperate to be different, maybe even unique, if you will…why?…Most of this generation of young people feel that every thought that bleeds through their tiny brain must be posted online to prove how “Unique”  and how wonderful their life is to the World. This is an unnecessary waste of their valuable…Time can only be spent, It cannot be bought…but try sharing that with one of this age group, and you will get an interesting argument.  Let’s kick it up a notch, we have a society of people using a plethora of sexual preferences to distinguish different groups, again to display their uniqueness. Another total waste of their valuable time.

All of the aforementioned statements and descriptions regarding groups, sexual preferences, age groups, generations, etc does not matter if you are a true Entrepreneur.  Nobody gives a shit about what you know, what you represent(at least not in the beginning), who you are affiliated with nor who you identify with…They want to know ..”How can you serve them?, and serve them greatly, Iconic, if you will.

When you step into the Iconic Entrepreneur arena, You are instantly considered, foolish, stupid, crazy, and “a banana”.  Don’t worry, those same people will come to you later in life asking for some of that “Crazy” money you made…and you can laugh all the way to the bank, saying “NO” the entire walk…LOL

Entrepreneurs are born different, it sometimes takes a good portion of their lives to discover their uniqueness.      differnt-kind-of-fishDid you hear what I just wrote?…They discover their uniqueness, and what’s different about them and the way they think and act.  These are not the types of individuals, who are putting every detail of their life on social media to prove anything to anybody.  keeping secrets

These are not Cows and they do not hang around cows too long, les they began to smell like cow shit.-(In layman’s terms, that’s average Ville).cows

You see, Rhinos (Entrepreneurs)don’t smell, they raise hell and get it done.

charging rhino  This one character trait of getting things done makes them unique all by themselves…and they are just being their natural born selves.

Entrepreneurs stay HUNGRY , meaning always looking to improve, regardless of success, status, society’s acceptance or denial, financial security or insecurity for that matter.

Entrepreneurs stay FOOLISH, meaning they will attempt the unthinkable, unimaginable, unseen, unheard, unthought of, they do all those “uns” and get it DONE!

You see, being hungry and foolish automatically makes you different, unique, strange, crazy and you probably can toss in a few other words you use for people in and around your life who are also known as ENTREPRENEURS.


Peace, Love and Joy



Don’t Just stand there!

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Don’t just stand there!…waiting for your life to end.

You must stand tall and be strong, then start your life again.

Don’t just stand there!…and watch things spiral straight down.

You must stand up, be courageous standcourageous and stand your ground.

Don’t just stand there !… like a regular old stiff.

You must grab life by the horns, and get a good grip.

Don’t just stand there!…Being envious of the JONESES lie!

Build your own airplane and show them how to really fly.

Don’t just stand there!…looking at that same brick wall.

Pick up your hammer, pick up your chisel and makeman b that sucker fall!

Don’t just stand there!…with great ideas in your head.

You must put them to pen and paper, then action as your mind is fed.

Don’t just stand there!…looking at that same locked door.

Dive into your ingenuity, I’m sure there’s one more.

Don’t just stand there!…because your bank account is low.

You must rise and grind, and go get our own flow.

Don’t just stand there!…with your greatness stored inside.

The World needs you, the world awaitsso you must stand with pride!



Peace, Love, and Joy






Some Mountains don’t move

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Life gives us twist and turns, long and winding roads…and we often wonder why me?

It’s not you…it’s the universe, testing your committment to your goal.

You see, some mountains don’t move, so you will be impared for life if you do not develop your creative intuition.

If a mountain doesn’t move, you must design a way to break it down…stone by stone, until it is rock-rollin-downdisentigrated.

If a mountain don’t move, you must design a new flight plan…flying right over it.

If a mountain don’t move, you must dig a tunnel …then walk right through it.

If a mountain don’t move for you, you must find someone who can move the mountain out of your way for your safe passage through the jungle.rock-rollin-down

You see, some mountains don’t move, until you do.


Peace, Love and Joy



One Away!

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Most races are won by a millisecond(s), a few feet,     that lastwinning race by diving college try,

a few hundred votes,

, a few hundred votes,  winning by vote pushthat reluctant perseverance and sometimes just showing up and being THERE!  Remember, you won your very first race to fertilize the egg. You swam upstream amongst millions of sperm and WON! winning sperm to the egg You were born a Winner!

The human condition is,  when life kicks you a little here and there, we quit, then wonder why I didn’t win the race? the job?the promotion?the game? the contract? bank approval? the new account?the sale?  You missed it by “that much” as “Maxwell Smart” would say(If you do not know who maxwell Smart is…Google are one Google away from discovering someone new).maxwell smart that much

The human mind is actually wired to win as stated earlier in your FIRST race but we are also wired for “free will”. Free will gets a lot of us humans in mounds of trouble and regrets later in life.  It is easier to settle for average Ville than to give one more push for greatness…you are just one away.  one conversation away. one meeting away. one diversion away.One play away. winning sprbowl comeback          one acquaintance away. one phone call away. one meditation away. one solitary moment away. one seminar away. one parent-child talk away. winning parent child talkone “come to Jesus” talk away…just one AWAY!… from the success you desire.

Most of us are caught up on the why and how…this is a futile waste of energy.

As Tony Robbins once said…”Don’t study the root, Pick the fruit” …you see,  you do not need to know about automotive engineering or valves and spark plugs nor combustion to drive a car, you just want to know, when you turn the key, the car starts and you can drive…that’s picking the fruit, not studying the root.  The goals you desire are waiting for you to pursue them relentlessly, tenaciously with gut-wrenching vigor…

The universe will take care of the why and how, just do your part…One more push!

winning by the universe language


Peace, Love and Joy






The best defense is a great offense

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Have you ever tried to stop a rock from rolling down a hill?… it’s virtually impossible to stop the rock from rolling downward.rock-rollin-down

The same thing happens in life with little bad decisions over time, we all make them, but for some reason, we think they happened overnight..but they didn’t.

It’s a collection of bad decisions that will send your life spiraling downward out of control.


It happens to the best of us. That’s why it’s better to prevent the rock from ever coming to the edge of the hill with a great offensive proactive decision. This is true with life, decisions we make today will impact our lives for years to come. It’s better to make an offensive decision through deductive reasoning, process elimination, or critical thinking to prevent your life from spiraling out of control.

I know it’s not easy, we all have challenges of some kind that we are dealing with daily, but Entrepreneurship has never promised to be easy, but to be worth the effort.


Relationships are self-evident of this same metaphor.  The more you neglect the relationship, the less appealing it becomes to both parties.  It’s like having a balloon filled with air and every time you do or say something negative or do not give enough time to your relationship, it’s like you poked a hole in the balloon, until finally all the air is gone.

Again, The best defense is a great offense.falcons-offense

We must be proactive to the best of our knowledge and the knowledge of our mentors or confidants. Don’t wait til things get terribly bad before you attempt to stop the BLEEDING!  patriots-offense

The first sign of blood is the time to jump into action. Do something to prevent or lessen the severity of the hemorrhaging.  Again, I remind you that…The best defense is a Great Offense.


Peace, Love and Joy



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