About Mack

I like the mind, because I don’t know it, probably never will, but it’s fun at every turn.   The human mind has a capacity that is unknown to man..any man on this EARTH.

Tasks that were unheard of,  ten, maybe fifteen ago are commonplace now.  That’s the power of the mind! Think of a idea, write it down, keep it with you indefinitely, watch somebody’s  mind go to work on “your” idea…AMAZING!

And you were thinking, “this is imposiible!”  funny huh?  It happens all the time.

Sales is my career!  I love it and what it does for human kind, the connection that is.    You are in sales too, like it or not.  Consider this;  You sell your spouse on staying with you through kindness and all those other goodies  you give and vice versa, you sell your kids on trusting you and your judgements, All employed people sell their boss on being that superb employee, some folks call this an A@#-Kisser!…It’s sales.   Nothing moves, ships, gets done,  flies, builds, tears down, implements, gets a job, lose a job, gets a raise or promotion, you get the idea.. until somebody sells some idea, product or  service.

I meet interesting people in my business, some are glad to see me for our time together, others become friends, some are lonely, some are hurting and need to “get it off their chest”, and never buy a thing, but they sold me their story(sometimes this could be their unique  life), some want my help, others “know it all”, and then there’s the few who  are downright “NASTY“, and rude, before I can open my mouth, I simply say “Thank you for your time”, then allow them to continue living their “challenging” life.

I remember  the opening line in the Movie “Crash” where the voiceover, by the actor  Don Cheadle says, “In L.A. nobody touches you, always behind that metal and glass,..”I think we miss that touch so much that we CRASH into each other just to feel something.”   It’s hard work to NASTY..try it some time, yet so easy to be kind 🙂

The good thing about these people is there are only 9, maybe 10 in the WORLD!, as Jim Rohn says, ” they move around  a lot.”  Almost every time I encounter these people, I think of  my first  chorus solo part  in High school, a song called, ” No man is an island”.


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