The museum life

August 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

Entrepreneurship is all about getting dirty, feeling the tension, sometimes panic neurosis, and still keep going.

museum art looking

Back in the 70’s, many parents in my neighborhood had slip covers over their “good” living room furniture to protect it…kinda like a museum practice.  It was basically only to be looked at, not actually sat on or touched nor used as comfort while visiting, they had other furniture for that in another room…probably on the side of the house..LOL

Entrepreneurship is a full contact sport, like the NFL( my favorite sport) use to be.(that’s  another story for another time).  You are a participant, no longer a spectator!

nfl contact

Entrepreneurs’ ingenuity, creativity, knowledge, emotions, and many talents will be used, abused and kicked around, up and down, and then you must still keep going. No museum life here. This is the fight for your life, the life you deserve and willing to live and die for.

You see, as an entrepreneur, you must use all your talents, get them dirty if you will.  You must give now to receive later.  Delayed gratification is the law of this land because you will lead the next generation straight up into the stratosphere.

Don’t try to compare yourself to anybody that doesn’t like just like you, you will never measure up.

So, leave the museum life to the museum….You are an Entrepreneur.


Peace, Love, and Joy







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