“The Test”

April 24, 2017 § Leave a comment

Most people dread tests of any kind, especially the proverbial “pop quiz”… not the ones from your school days, but the ones a woman gives a man to test his loyalty to her.  woman testing a man

That one is just a drop in the bucket if you consider yourself an entrepreneur.

challenge ahead

You will be tested on every side from every angle, so put the “S” on your chest, because you will need to become SUPER at every obstacle.


You may encounter setbacks, and let downs, but you will have the desire and passion for bouncing back at every turn.

There will be messages in your mess. There will be testimonies in your tests.

There will be the blight in your fights. There will be tears from your fears, but the road will be clear if you are sincere.

The man or woman that conceives, and believes, ultimately achieves. Tests become a non-issue.

The more you know, the further you go.  You see, doing your best is not good enough.  Doing the best you know how to do shows room for growth. There is not one test that withstands growth.challenge look for a way

You are a new individual with a paradigm shift in the positive. Nothing can stop you!

So, when these tests appear in your entrepreneurial life…Look for knowledge, not strife.


Peace, Love and Joy



For more insights–> YouTube: ” The Iconic Entrepreneur”




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