The List

January 3, 2018 § Leave a comment

Welcome to 2018!  I’m sure you know what that means…A plethora of list…to do, not to do, to stop, start, quit, begin, then start again.  Confusing …huh?

Most lists have good intentions, but most fail before you get started because, for the most part, they lack any realistic attainable goals.goals 2018


The short and sweet of this is …here is my list for a more productive Year, where you can start on January 1, or August 19 or any other date for that matter;. here it is;


  1. Post only once a week on social media, since it’s so hard to resist(must be positive). No reading, you are only allowed to post. You will be amazed when you discover that your thoughts have an impact.
  2. Watch your local or national news only once a week, this is only to keep you abreast of the world around you. Get news from the news, not the gossip rumble line. I know the news is skewed, just read in between the lines.
  3. Expand(spend more time with people) only the positive relationships in your life, likewise, slowly diminish(spend less time with these people) energy draining, toxic relationships in your life, so of course, you can focus more on the positive ones.
  4. Visit an older friend or relative that you haven’t seen in a long time(ten years comes to mind). This will give you a new perspective on your life and the world at large.
  5. Spend 1 hour per day in nature(walking, talking, exploring, exercising, meditating, etc…OUTSIDE!  You can collect and analyze your thoughts when you can hear yourself think…try, you’ll like it.
  6. WRITE (pretend you are barred from every greeting card and dollar store in the World)a thank you note to everyone that does something nice for you.
  7. Do something every day that you will never be paid for…check your emotions after this one for warm, pulsating exhilaration.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.


Peace, Love, and joy




Don’T be a FACEBOOK baby…BABY!

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“Good morning”,…I cheerfully spoke to the young man as I entered the hallway towards the elevator of an office building I was visiting, I repeated the greeting as I passed him…Nothing…I looked back after I had passed him…still, Nothing, no greeting what so ever. I wasn’t surprised, as much…annoyed…, that a whole generation may never know the joys of actually connecting with blood-pumping veins, and hearts, body language-filled, emotional creatures, AKA  Humans.

Maybe I should have contorted my face into an emoji….surely he’d have instantly responded!

Yeesh!…was that salty?…Let’s be clear: I do not hate social media. It has its place – in some lives more than others.

As an entrepreneur, we must connect with our audience, customers, employees, colleagues, and anybody connected with our business, no matter how small the connection-we must connect on a human level, where You and I can look into their eyes and see  emotions on their faces.

Social media is. A start. It’s a hap-hazzard poorly constructed sales pitch. Beyond that, all I see is half-truths, untruths, mistruths, about things and subjects from people where neither party really knows very well.

Think of your closest friend(s). Now, imagine if you only knew them through email, skype or social media and NEVER met.  Eye-contact matters. Handshakes matter.

Contrary to popular belief…You do not need it ALL, besides where would you put it?

So, I’d like to share a list of tried and true methods from my years in sales to help you make stronger connections.

6 Ways to connect:

1)Write a letter to a friend or colleague to share some good news.

2) Write a thank you note(don’t buy it at the store).

3) Send an actual small trinket of a gift to thank someone.

4) Have regular face-to-face outings, meetings, break-bread type gatherings with other humans.

5) Anonymously do something nice for someone you KNOW or a total stranger (remember, we are all connected on the human molecular level).

6) make phone calls to friends, customers, or colleagues to chat about whatever floats your boat.

In the beginning, you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best, case in point…APPLE, not the biggest, but definitely the best, … You do not need to be known by everybody.

To paraphrase the great comedian, Richard Pryor, “If you can’t make them laugh, you have to be interesting.” see?  even knew that you can’t win them all, all the time.  But you gotta start somewhere.

We are bigger than social media…let’s prove it,… Starting today…Let’s Live Life!


Peace, Love and joy



The museum life

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Entrepreneurship is all about getting dirty, feeling the tension, sometimes panic neurosis, and still keep going.

museum art looking

Back in the 70’s, many parents in my neighborhood had slip covers over their “good” living room furniture to protect it…kinda like a museum practice.  It was basically only to be looked at, not actually sat on or touched nor used as comfort while visiting, they had other furniture for that in another room…probably on the side of the house..LOL

Entrepreneurship is a full contact sport, like the NFL( my favorite sport) use to be.(that’s  another story for another time).  You are a participant, no longer a spectator!

nfl contact

Entrepreneurs’ ingenuity, creativity, knowledge, emotions, and many talents will be used, abused and kicked around, up and down, and then you must still keep going. No museum life here. This is the fight for your life, the life you deserve and willing to live and die for.

You see, as an entrepreneur, you must use all your talents, get them dirty if you will.  You must give now to receive later.  Delayed gratification is the law of this land because you will lead the next generation straight up into the stratosphere.

Don’t try to compare yourself to anybody that doesn’t like just like you, you will never measure up.

So, leave the museum life to the museum….You are an Entrepreneur.


Peace, Love, and Joy






Don’t just be good…Be Great!

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Father time teases us occasionally. He will have you think that your goals aren’t worth any more effort because you have become stagnated in your success or you are running out of time because of your age. This is not true if you are still breathing air as you read this post. A dear friend and fellow entrepreneur told me years ago, ” If you are not putting every effort into your business every day, you will run out of time or talent”  Meaning you will either get tired of not seeing any measure of success and give up or your ideas become stale in your mind and creative juices cease to flow.

A dear friend and fellow entrepreneur told me years ago, ” If you are not putting every effort into your business every day, you will run out of time or talent”  Meaning you will either get tired of not seeing any measure of success and give up or your ideas become stale in your mind and creative juices cease to flow.

Life as an entrepreneur will have you feeling imprisoned at times, with no key to unlock the door in sight.  I’m here to share with you, the entrepreneur’s life indeed locks you up from the outside world for a period of time, only to free you at a more appropriate time.

You have to be alone more often than not to focus, collect your thoughts, plan, then execute them. Your friends will be no help in this process, trust me.

You see, we all can’t just be good, you are one among the few, who must be Great!  do not fall into the status quo of work, home, sleep… work, home, sleep and repeat day after day , year after year…this is boring wouldn’t you agree? You are not a robot and this robot life is not for you or you would not be reading this post.

You were born for greatness, which comes from solitude, meditation, self-talk, focus, brainstorming, Quiet time, and The Ben Franklin method(writing the pros and cons of an idea on paper). Mass efforts produces mass results…positive or negative.

Be strong.Be mindful. Be mentally tough. Be tenacious. Be Great!

Peace, Love and Joy




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“That Thing you do”

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The most exhilarating and fascinating thing about us humans is that we are all different!

unique kid

…Wow!, ..that’s refreshing.  In other words,  we are all born with special talents. Some of us hone these talents through our early evolving years, others develop a talent from an interest in some subject that always leaves questions in our head.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…” you do yours, and I’ll do mine.”…  It’s “that thing you do”.   Your personally owned special skill or talent that no other person on the planet can perform or share it like you do.unique man

Have you heard someone say, you/he/she is a little wierd?   well,  BREAKING NEWS…We all are a little weird.   That is what makes each and every one of us a rare find. Identical Twin siblings eventually develop their own identities over time, because the brain will not allow itself to be mimicked.  That special talent you possess, use it, don’t abuse it by not exercising that skill every day.unique fish

You know how when a person or company wants a certain task performed with near-perfect execution they call a specific person or company because they know this task will be completed to their satisfaction….That is… “that thing you do”


We are all born with special skills as I stated earlier.  if you are born to prophesy, then prophesy. If you are born to give, then give, if you are born to love, then love. unique egg If you are born to entertain, then entertain. If you are born to teach, then teach. If you are born to promote, then promote. If you are born to share, then share, but whatever you do, do not try to figure it out to explain to your friends and family, just keep doing “That thing you do”

Peace, Love and Joy




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Oh, The Places you will go!

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Imagination is creativity in action.  Imagination draws on experiences and knowledge of the World around us and combines them with the complete unknown to makes something new.

From Imagination, Walt Disney Built an empire around a mouse.mickey Mouse with Walt

From imagination, Elon Musk built and manufactured an all-electric luxury state of the art automobile.Tesla Model_S_Facelift

Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects, or events that do not exist, are not present, nor have happened in the past.

Oh, The Places, You will Go! …when you exercise your imagination.

Remember the scene from the movie, “Field of Dreams”?  ” If you build it, they will come.”  Kevin Costner’s character built the baseball field and boy did they come!  Imagination makes it happen.

Einstein once said…” Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the World.”

We are all born with creativity, But many of us do not exercise our imagination.

Through imagination, Peace Pilgrimpeace pilgrim traveled the World without any money nor knowing where she would sleep at night, all in the name of peace…and an idea that there is peace and love all around the World.

Try this: to spark your imagination;

Spend time in nature, Spend 24 hours without your electronic devices

Spend 24 hours without your electronic devices…and no social media.

Hold a face2face conversation with a friend, relative, colleague, or even a stranger.

Spend an hour a day in complete silence. These simple exercises will give you a new perspective on and about life.

This will make your thoughts …YOUR THOUGHTS!  The daily nuances of daily life tend to clutter your mind and distort your thinking.

Other peoples’ thoughts and ideas are implanted in your mind the more your are exposed to these people, places and events.

Break the daily mode of your life and open yourself up to a whole new World.

I like to use a term I learned in music theory many yeas ago, “Syncopate” your life.

Accentuate uncommon ideas, times and places that you would not normally do.

Eat breakfast at night, Brush your teeth in the dark, Try new foods, Travel to new places, Take a shower in the dark, attend a seminar on a subject you know absolutely nothing about, talk to a senior citizen at length, watch kids at play, join in if they will allow it. and have fun, you get the idea.

The aforementioned exercises will spark new life…into your life.

Dream on.


Peace, Love and Joy,







“The Test”

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Most people dread tests of any kind, especially the proverbial “pop quiz”… not the ones from your school days, but the ones a woman gives a man to test his loyalty to her.  woman testing a man

That one is just a drop in the bucket if you consider yourself an entrepreneur.

challenge ahead

You will be tested on every side from every angle, so put the “S” on your chest, because you will need to become SUPER at every obstacle.


You may encounter setbacks, and let downs, but you will have the desire and passion for bouncing back at every turn.

There will be messages in your mess. There will be testimonies in your tests.

There will be the blight in your fights. There will be tears from your fears, but the road will be clear if you are sincere.

The man or woman that conceives, and believes, ultimately achieves. Tests become a non-issue.

The more you know, the further you go.  You see, doing your best is not good enough.  Doing the best you know how to do shows room for growth. There is not one test that withstands growth.challenge look for a way

You are a new individual with a paradigm shift in the positive. Nothing can stop you!

So, when these tests appear in your entrepreneurial life…Look for knowledge, not strife.


Peace, Love and Joy



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